Breakthrough new discovery gives hope to MEN OVER 50 suffering from weak erections…

Doctor Swears Under Oath: This Powerful New “Bedroom Enhancer” Contains No Illegal Sexual Stimulants!

Dear Friend,

It’s true.

The results we’re getting with our new “staying power” supplement for men are nothing short of miraculous.

So amazing that some guys think it must contain some sort of “gray area” sexual stimulant.

I can assure you, it doesn’t.

Our manufacturing facility is regularly inspected by the FDA and certified as being compliant with, and even exceeding their highest standards.

However... this new supplement is so potent... and so effective... and it’s producing such MIND BLOWING results in the bedroom for men of all ages... the FDA even held up the release of our initial batch.

Because it works so well... and so FAST... the FDA wanted to double-check and VERIFY that it contained no illegal, forbidden or “black market” sexual stimulants.

And, of course, it passed with flying colors.

You see, never in a million years would we risk our reputation and certification by selling a "gray area" product.

I’ll tell you exactly how in just a minute.

But first, let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you had passionate sex?

Sex that wasn’t planned.

Where both of you were REALLY into it?

Not those times where you have to rush through and use what little energy you have left to “do your thing” before your “mojo” deflates.

Or maybe you try but have to give up… because you can’t get “in the mood.”

Instead… I’m talking about toe curling, sweat dripping, heavy-moaning-with-every-thrust sex.

The kind you see in the movies.

When emotions are high… the blood starts rushing… clothing gets torn off in the heat of passion…

Where stuff gets knocked off the walls, the cat runs away scared… and the neighbors grow jealous because they can’t help but overhear the moaning while you’re both overcome with passion.

Remember when sex was like THAT? 

When it was exciting and spontaneous?

When it didn’t matter where you were, what time it was or who was in the next room?

If you want to experience that thrill again and enjoy nearly UNCONTROLLABLE lust-filled sex… two… three or more times a week… then this will be the most exciting message you’ve ever read.

Let me explain…

A breakthrough discovery by researchers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can now give your lagging sex drive the boost you need to…

Enjoy Passionate, Heart-Throbbing, Headboard-Banging Sex… At Any Age!

Even more exciting…

This discovery could even help REVERSE age related low testosterone levels — the number one cause of low sex drive that men start to experience after age 50.

Just like it has for these guys:

“It boosts my stamina, sexual drive and mood like I’ve never experienced before with a natural product.” *

— Mike Kendall, Springfield, MO

“Amazing result for such a small capsule. It certainly does stimulate sex drive and increases the frequency of sexual thoughts.” *

— Scott Bardell, Lousiville, KY

“I have tried several other products over the past few months but the side effects were terrible. But this one gave me more energy and a sexual boost. The libido improving sensation comes either the first day or more often the second day.” *

— Tony Dewitt, Kissimmee, FL

“It is more potent than I had expected. Within two days of taking two capsules a day each morning I had an incredible rush of stamina and increased levels of excitement and arousal.” *

— Anthony Dellatore, San Antonio, TX

* LJ100 testimonial

Imagine… a future without the constant worry about your ability to “perform” in the bedroom.

Imagine finally being free of the anxiety, embarrassment and humiliation you feel when you try… but can’t perform as well as you’d like to.

Picture yourself no longer feeling run down all the time, always lacking the energy… and maybe even the desire for sex.

Imagine feeling strong… youthful… full of “piss and vinegar” again… like you did in your prime.

All that and more is now possible because, at last, you can…

FEEL The Sex Drive
Of Your Youth Again!

…when every single cell in your body is once again bathed in the rejuvenating, life-giving power of testosterone.

But regaining the sex drive you had as a young man isn’t the ONLY thing you can expect.

Finally, you might even feel the urge to do all the activities you love again… with the energy and “gusto” of a teenager.

Like humiliate your buddies on the golf course… because you can play a full 18 holes with energy and enthusiasm… while they can barely make it through 9.

Maybe even enjoy that “conquer the world” feeling you experience when you win at tennis.

Or run around the yard playing with your grandchildren…

All the things you used to do… and would love to do again. Without feeling fatigued and old before your time.

As a doctor I can tell you… I’ve seen all this and more happen… when testosterone levels are restored back to normal.

 And in this brief report, you’re going to discover a cutting edge secret that…

Safely And Naturally Boosts And Restores Your Testosterone… The Hormone That Makes A Man A Man!

It’s not a drug… it’s not a hormone… and it doesn’t contain any illegal sexual stimulants.

It’s a safe and easy-to-take pill that can make all these amazing results happen in YOUR life.

In RECORD time.

You’ll also see UNDENIABLE SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT backed up by double blind studies (the “gold standard” of medical studies) showing that THIS WORKS.

I promise you… it’s cutting edge stuff. Like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before.

Even if you’ve tried other solutions for your “bedroom performance” that didn’t work… and you’ve been disappointed time after time…

I’m going to show you that…

This WILL Work For You!

So please… give me your undivided attention in this brief presentation today and you’ll discover how — in just 30 days  — you can start enjoying steamy, toe curling “teenager horny” sex again.

Like you used to back in your prime.

Make this safe and drug-free supplement part of your life and you’ll be AMAZED at the difference it makes.

Because it supports healthy testosterone levels in men — and THAT can restore the vitality and drive you enjoyed in your teens and 20s.

Before I show you how it works, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Eric Wood.

I’ve been a naturopathic doctor for over 9 years and I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of my male patients suffer the crushing humiliation of “performance problems” from age related low testosterone levels.

That’s why I’ve devoted myself to helping men stay as healthy and sexually active in their “golden years” as they were in their prime.

Quickly, safely and naturally.

Without injections, gels, patches or dangerous sexual stimulants.

Because if you’re over 50, chances are your “family jewels” aren’t pumping out testosterone as strongly and efficiently as they did in your youth.

And because of that, you’ve probably seen your sex drive, erections, stamina, strength and energy slowly fizzling away more and more each year.

Maybe even sex with your spouse seems like too much effort these days.

Or worse, you don’t really care anymore. Because you don’t have any sexual desire. And you’re not sure you could “get in the mood” even if you did.

However, those worries will soon be a thing of the past for you. Because now there’s a…

Safe And Drug Free Solution
For Age-Related “Low T!”

In my 9+ years as a doctor, I’ve heard hundreds of stories from men suffering from the humiliating side effects of  “Low T”… low testosterone.

In many cases, these men suffered in silence for months — even years — before coming to me for help.

Some of the time, it was embarrassment or a bruised ego that caused them to ignore their symptoms.

But in many cases, they didn’t seek help because there was no safe, natural, non-drug solution.

That’s because, until recently, the only options for treating Low T involved prescription drugs with dangerous side effects.

Or embarrassing and never-ending weekly office visits for painful injections.

I don’t know about you… but those don’t sound like attractive options to me.

Listen, just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to sit by and watch your manhood get ROBBED from you.

Because now there’s a breakthrough male health supplement for Low T that’s…

Safe And Effective…
And 100% GUARANTEED To Work!

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to watch television, read a magazine or listen to the radio without being bombarded with advertisements for prescription drugs.

They paint a glowing picture of men triumphing over their sexual problems by gobbling down the latest “wonder drug” pushed by Big Pharma.

It’s only after you look past the slick Madison Avenue ads and review the facts that you find the REAL story:

These prescription drugs come with a whole host of dangerous side effects. In fact, in a few cases…

The Side Effects Can Be DEADLY!

An independent study carried out by Dr. Anthony Blaine at the Hamden Medical Centre in Glostershire England revealed some SHOCKING news:

61.7% of men said they stopped taking prescription medication because of these side-effects:

  • Painful prolonged erections (priapism)
  • Cramps
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Back pain
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Hypertension
  • Rashes…
  • And worst of all… increased risk of heart attack!

It’s scary but true…

Big Pharma’s Solutions
Could KILL You!

As if that’s not enough to scare you away from taking them…

In the same study, Dr. Blaine found 32.1% of men said they stopped taking these prescription drugs because of the enormously high cost for just one single pill.

Sometimes as much as $3.00… or even $10.00 per pill!

Expensive prescriptions… painful and possibly even DEADLY side effects…

That doesn’t sound like a good solution to me at all!

But there’s no doubt about it…

If you want to stay young-feeling, virile, lean and strong, testosterone is the “King of Hormones” for men.

Testosterone not only influences your sex drive… it affects muscle mass, leanness, mood, stamina… even success in your business or profession!

Normal testosterone levels are the difference between feeling like an energetic and healthy guy with a youthful sex drive… or feeling like a shriveled up geezer, old and worn out before your time.

As a doctor I’ve treated thousands of male patients… and I can tell you this:

If you’re suffering from “Low T”…

It’s Not Your Fault!

Thousands of Boomers and seniors follow healthy diets, exercise and do all the right things for their health. But their sex drive, stamina, muscle mass and energy still decline.

That’s because testosterone levels begin to drop by 1 to 2% each year after the age of 30… taking your sex drive, strength, muscle mass and energy levels with it.

It doesn’t matter if you work out more than Jack LaLanne and eat like a Spartan. Your declining testosterone levels are preventing you from enjoying the strength, stamina and sex drive you had as a young man… and still deserve today.

Maybe you’ve heard that taking synthetic testosterone injections can bring your levels back to normal.

And they CAN.

But it comes with a price.

For example… do you like to eat?

The reason I ask is that these injections can cause nausea and lack of appetite.

But in spite of the fact you might be too sick to eat, they can cause you to gain weight, too. Especially around your belly.

Of course, you might not even notice or care. Because they can also cause memory loss and confusion.

Need I go on?

OK, how about these?: numbness and tingling… bone pain… jaundice… (oh, yeah — women just love a guy with nice yellow skin tone)… muscle weakness… headaches…  and just generally feeling downright MISERABLE!

But you no longer have to accept that fate. 

And now, that won’t be YOUR story.

Because thanks to this breakthrough in men’s health, it’s now entirely possible to…

Outsmart Mother Nature
And Reclaim Your Manhood…
At Any Age!

But let me put any fears to rest.

This isn’t a treatment involving injections, creams, gels or anything that causes dangerous side effects.

It’s the safest and most effective way I know to help restore normal testosterone levels… naturally and SAFELY.

And bring back the sex drive you had in your prime.

You can enjoy all that and more with our newest formula…

T-Supply Max™…
Introducing Your Sex Drive Restorer
In A Safe And Natural Pill!

T-Supply Max is a brand-new formula from Primal Health. And it works like nothing you’ve ever seen.

We formulated it to be our most powerful male enhancing product available on the market today.

Let me share exactly how T-Supply Max can work for you…

It all started with an unusual collaboration between the Malaysian government and researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

They developed a cutting edge ingredient that restores your sex drive and bedroom performance via two powerful processes:

STEP ONE: it BOOSTS your testosterone.

Because “low T” kills your sex drive and your ability to perform your best in the bedroom. So this is the CRUCIAL first step you need to restore yourself so you can be a stallion in the bedroom.

But that’s not all…

STEP TWO: it increases levels of two natural substances that can strengthen an erection.

These two substances are called cGMP and cAMP.

When you’re ready for action, cGMP and cAMP are the substances that send the chemical signal that makes blood flow into your penis. And when that happens, you get…

A Rock Hard Erection…
Safely And Naturally!

Just like in your younger days… when the “dangler in your Wranglers” quickly turned into a “rise in your Levis”… just thinking about sex.

I’m here to tell you… yes, you CAN experience that again. Just like you did in your teenage years.

And yes, you CAN enjoy spontaneous, passionate and frequent sex again. As frequent as you want.

THAT is how well this MIT sex secret can work for you.

Just like it has for these happy guys…

“I tried this to elevate my free testosterone and it does just that… and works much faster than I expected. It creates a positive alpha male mentality that surprised me because it isn’t a hormone-based product. This is a game changer because this product is also safe I didn’t notice any side effects, just positives. It’s a cost effective way to enjoy more bedroom fun.” *

— Ronald L. Jeffries

“This is the REAL DEAL. It works as described. I felt like I reached a new level in and out of the bedroom. I had more energy in the day and night. My significant other also noticed the effects in the bed and liked them.” *

— Andrew Foley, Columbus, OH

“Great stuff! It actually works. I’ve got the before and after blood test results to prove it.” *

— Daniel Cohen, Chicago, IL

* LJ100 testimonial

If you’ve been suffering from “low T”, your sex drive has probably been pathetic, even on your best days. Or maybe even non-existent.

If so, I’ve got good news:

That will soon be a thing of the past for you!

Because this MIT sex discovery is a CLINICALLY SUPPORTED approach to better bedroom performance… any time you want.

This natural breakthrough is called LJ100®. It was created by the researchers from the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working in conjunction with the government of Malaysia.

LJ100® is protected by both a U.S. Patent and a worldwide patent (patent number 7,132,117 in the U.S. and worldwide patent number 02/17946A1).

This first-of-its-kind patent states that LJ100® is “documented to be the active compounds effective for enhancement of sexual function and increased testosterone.”

In fact, it’s been shown in several double blind clinical studies.

By the way, double blind studies are considered the most accurate studies. Because neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment.

This is done to prevent any kind of bias or “placebo effect” in the research results. That’s why double blind studies are considered by doctors to be the “gold standard.”

And the double blind studies show in just a few short weeks, LJ100®

  • Boosts free testosterone levels… as much as 132.63%… in only a few short weeks! (Imagine how you’ll feel with a SURGE of manly vitality coursing through your veins… like you did back in your prime years!)
  • Relieves fatigue and tension by reducing your stress hormone, cortisol. (You’ll feel full of energy. And that will have you performing like a younger man in the bedroom once again!)
  • Boosts your “bedroom” endurance and stamina… regardless of your age. (Your newfound energy will surprise and amaze your wife… just like the good old days!)
  • And much more!

That’s right. The double blind clinical studies demonstrate it. Without a doubt.

They show that you can see a mind boggling 132.63% increase in your free testosterone.

Effect of LJ100® on Endogenous Testosterone Production in Men After Just 10 days


ng/dl blood

10 days
ng/dl blood


Subject 1 860 1,650 91.86%
Subject 2 580 985 69.83%
Subject 3 875 1,576 80.11%
Subject 4 950 2,210 132.63%
Subject 5 755 1,345 78.15%
Subject 6 650 875 34.62%
Subject 7 450 765 70.00%
Subject 8 585 875 49.57%
Subject 9 350 480 37.14%

And when this happens for you, too… it will…

Re-Excite Your Failing Sexual Drive…

LJ100® is an extraordinary substance. But it’s not a hormone or drug. It has been shown to be safe and has virtually no bad side effects. (More about that in a minute.)

It’s not like hormones or drugs because it naturally stimulates your body to produce more of its own testosterone. And when that happens, you can enjoy…

  • Stronger, long-lasting erections (Your partner will LOVE this!)
  • More intense orgasms (Remember those?)
  • Dramatic boost in desire (You and your partner will BOTH be glad for this!)
  • And more!

That’s why LJ100® is #1 on my short list of nutrients I recommend for supporting a healthy male sex drive.

However… it’s not the only one. There are two other potent “manhood boosters” you need to know about.

I call one of them…

“The Zulu Warrior Virility Secret!”

The Zulu Warriors were about as “alpha male” as you can possibly be. They were the fiercest and most feared fighters of their time. This dominant drive is what made the Zulu one of the most powerful nations in southern and southeastern Africa.

What was the secret behind this powerful alpha male drive?

The Zulu would harvest a prized plant they called “ibhucu.” They would slice it into pieces, boil it and drink it with milk. They believed that this kept them strong, aggressive and virile.

However, it wasn’t just folklore. Modern science has shown that the Zulu were really on to something powerful. One study published in the medical journal Pharmaceutical Biology has shown that the Zulu Warrior secret can raise testosterone levels in rats as much as 350%!

And in small preliminary human studies we’ve seen a 35% increase in testosterone levels in only two short weeks.

The proper name for this Zulu Warrior secret is Bulbine natalensis extract. And now there’s a powerful standardized and trademarked version of it called Ana Test. That’s the version we’ve included it in T-Supply Max… to make sure you’re getting the most potent, most effective men’s sexual health booster on the market today.

But that’s not all.

Since I wanted T-Supply Max to be the best supplement on the market, I added one other clinically studied ingredient that works synergistically to boost testosterone and support stronger erections.

It’s called Virilast™ and it’s a clinically tested, patent-pending formula, made from six Ayurvedic herbs. It’s a unique, all-natural complex of standardized extracts that GUARANTEE it will work for you.

And it’s SUPPORTED by two human clinical studies, including a 148-subject double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial. The study showed it increased sexual desire, sexual performance and improved the sexual satisfaction of both the men and their partners.

Virilast™ is able to do this via a very unique mechanism. In addition to supporting healthy levels of the hormones and “messenger chemicals” that fuel sexual desire, it also enhances the release of something called “nitric oxide.”

You see, even though increased testosterone is crucial for restoring your ability to perform in the bedroom, it’s not the ONLY thing you need.

If you want to get rock-hard erections that last, you also need better blood flow to your penis.

And the key to making that happen is to boost your body’s production of nitric oxide. That’s what allows the blood to flow into the chambers of your penis when you’re sexually stimulated.

When that happens, blood engorges the three tube-like cylinders in your penis… and…

Rock Hard Erection!

It’s a beautiful thing.

And a thing that can happen for you again, too.

In a study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, Virilast™ has been shown to boost nitric oxide levels quite effectively. That’s why it was on my very short list of “must have” ingredients when we were formulating T-Supply Max.

These three breakthrough and scientifically-demonstrated ingredients… LJ100®, Ana Test ™  and Virilast™… are what guarantees T-Supply Max will work for you.

Even if you’ve been disappointed time after time by other natural solutions, I GUARANTEE it will work. (I’ll tell you more about this guarantee in just a minute.)

Make T-Supply Max a part of your life and within only a matter of days you’ll experience…

More Sex Drive, More “Manly Swagger”
And More Excitement In The Bedroom!

The studies show it’s true.

Imagine how much younger, stronger and “rejuvenated” you’ll look and feel when you start seeing results like I’ve described in this report. Your “macho swagger” will be back in no time at all!

In fact, I can GUARANTEE it.

Now, let me start to wrap things up.

As I’ve shown you in this report, low testosterone can affect you in a lot of different ways.

  • It can hurt your performance in the bedroom.
  • It can hurt your performance at your job.
  • Heck, it can even shorten your life!

That’s the bad news.

Now here’s the GOOD news:

It’s now possible to re-experience healthy testosterone levels and enjoy the sex drive of your youth. And you can do it without drastic treatments or risky side effects.

That’s why my team of biochemists at Primal Health and I created T-Supply Max to be…

The Premier Nutraceutical
For Men’s Sexual Health!

T-Supply Max contains the highest quality standardized extracts of all three of the breakthrough synergistic sexual enhancers I just told you about:

  • LJ100®
  • Ana Test ™ 
  • Virilast™

This remarkable combination of ingredients is designed to fix the #1 problem affecting men over 50… low testosterone and poor blood flow. And once you’ve fixed that, it…

Boosts Your Bedroom Performance
And Leaves Your Wife SPEECHLESS!

I could go on and on about all these amazing nutrients in our new supplement, T-Supply Max. The amount of research and development invested in bringing it to you would probably boggle your mind.

But I doubt you really want to hear any more geeky science stuff.

Besides, there are much better things to talk about.

Like, most importantly…

What You Can Expect
From T-Supply Max…

T-Supply Max’s ingredients begin working Day One — to support healthy testosterone levels… so every cell in your body can be bathed in this life-giving, confidence boosting elixir.

And with its generous daily amounts of men’s sexual health supporting compounds, T-Supply Max can help you regain your “manly drive” in as little as 30 days.

Maybe sooner.

But here’s the MOST exciting part:

T-Supply Max rejuvenates and “recharges” your testosterone levels day-by-day… week-by-week… letting you re-experience your “horny teenager” days.

That means with T-Supply Max, day by day, you can…

Restore Your Sex Drive Back To
How It Was In Your Prime!

I’ve shown you the anecdotal evidence of how each of T-Supply Max’s individual ingredients have been documented to work.

I’ve also shown you modern scientific studies showing the same thing — that these safe and natural compounds support healthy testosterone levels and normal sexual functioning.

Quickly, safely and without a prescription.

I’ve also shown you that not only will your “soldier” be standing at attention better… you may also lose that beer belly and gain muscle mass, strength and stamina.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Listen To What Older Men Happily Enjoying The Benefits Of These Amazing Ingredients Are Saying…

 “Before trying this I had tested low for free testosterone. After less than one week with this product I noticed increased libido and more mental and physical energy. After a couple of months my muscle tone has increased. I re-tested and saw a 35% increase in free testosterone.”*

— Keith Miller, Richmond, IN

“This is potent and works very fast. I have problems ‘getting in the mood’ but within 5 days I’m able to have sex. Even better, I only have to wait 15 to 20 minutes before I can have sex again. I’m really enjoying this ‘miracle of happiness!’”*

— Joseph Purdue, Baltimore, MD

“Best libido booster I have ever taken. It takes about 8-10 days to kick in but it works. I feel like a teenager!” *

— Lou Conrad, Myrtle Beach, SC

* Virilast testimonial

There’s no doubt about it…

When you have higher testosterone you FEEL GREAT!

You have more energy and greater endurance.

You EXUDE rock-solid confidence and an “animal magnetism” that people can FEEL!

And you’ll be able to keep up with the “young guns” at work… and show them you’ve still got what it takes.

And that’s not all…

When you have higher testosterone, people notice.


They’ll suddenly find you more attractive.

Not just because you’re more physically fit and exude strength and confidence with every step. That’s definitely part of it. But also because…

Women Can SENSE It!

When you have higher testosterone, EVERYTHING in your life improves. And improves dramatically.

That’s why I encourage you to give T-Supply Max a try right away.

Just three, easy-to-swallow capsules a day is all it takes. Stronger, longer-lasting erections… and mind-blowing, toe curling sex will be right around the corner.

There’s no describing the relief you’ll feel when you know you can enjoy a “teenager horny” sex drive again.

That’s why I’m so pleased to announce this breakthrough formula is now available from my team here at Primal Health.

And in in just a minute I’ll tell you how you can get T-Supply Max at a special limited introductory price.

But first, think about this:

If you purchased all three nutrients in T-Supply Max separately, you’d spend at least $140 for just a one-month’s supply.

Maybe more.

And you’d have no idea about the quality of the extracts you’re getting… if they’re in the right dosages… or if they’re in the highest standardized form possible.

But now that’s no longer a worry for you… because all the products we sell here at Primal Health are manufactured under strict guidelines for current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) mandated by the FDA.

Here’s why that’s important to you:

After the product is manufactured, labeled, and sealed — we voluntarily send random samples from each production run to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing. We do all that to go “above and beyond” to make absolutely SURE each product contains EXACTLY what it says on the label.

Going the extra mile like this to ensure quality is rare in the supplement industry.

But we INSIST on it here at Primal Health. Because as a doctor, I know that offering you a pure, potent and safe testosterone support supplement — one that meets label claims — is CRUCIAL for giving you the healthy testosterone levels you desire so badly.

In just a minute I’m going to show you how you can get T-Supply Max today for less than HALF of what you spend each day for a cup of coffee!

But first I want to tell you about our…

100% Money Back
ZERO Risk Guarantee!

Bottom line:

You can feel great about your decision to try T-Supply Max... because you can check it out 100% RISK FREE.

Take up to two entire months to experience for yourself all the amazing FEEL GREAT benefits.

If you don’t SEE yourself walking with a newfound spring in your step...

If you’re not EXUDING a new manly strength and swagger...


If you don’t experience MORE SEXUAL ENERGY AND STAMINA than you’ve had in years…

If you don’t FEEL like a stallion in the bedroom...

And if you don’t think it’s the hands-down BEST male sexual health supplement you’ve ever tried...

simply return the unused product within 60 days... or even send back just the empty bottles... and I’ll give you a full, no-hassle refund of every single cent you invested. (Less S&H)

THAT is how confident I am that the restoring power of T-Supply Max will change your life… and your partner’s life, too.

Listen, I’ve tried to make this as fair and easy as possible for you.

But now YOU need to man-up and take action if you want to reclaim your masculinity… your virility… and your God-given right to enjoy great sex as often as you want.

And remember — if you don’t agree that T-Supply Max delivers on every promise I’ve made in this presentation… we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Don’t Miss Out…
Act Now!

Now’s your chance to start enjoying scorching hot sex again.

Just click the button below to get started right now — and you’ll be taken to our secure order page.

You’ll be able to review all your details before you checkout.

One last thing…

When your trial supply of T-Supply Max arrives in its discrete packaging from Primal Health, open it right away.

Take your first capsule so it can start working immediately.

Why wait even one more day when a healthy sex drive and stronger, longer lasting erections are just ahead?

Stop worrying about your performance in the bedroom. Order your own supply of T-Supply Max today so you can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE for yourself.

And remember, you have ZERO RISK when you order today. Because you're protected by our 100% money back 60-day guarantee!

Click the button below to reserve your discretely packaged trial supply of T-Supply Max now.

Both you and your partner will be glad you did.


Dr. Eric Wood, ND



  • A. T-Supply Max uses natural ingredients with a long history of safe use. Certain ingredients have been used for thousands of years without adverse side effects.

    So now — maybe for the first time ever — you can IMMERSE yourself in pure, unbridled “behind closed doors” pleasure with your partner… with no concerns or worry at all.
  • A. It depends. Some guys have reported online that they saw results with LJ100® in only a handful of days. Some even said they saw an IMMEDIATE energy boost.

    Some of the guys in the studies started seeing results within only a couple weeks. In other cases it was 4 to 8 weeks.

    Although nobody can predict when YOU will see results, if you’re like most of the guys who have tried it, you should start getting results within two to eight weeks.
  • A. As I’ve shown you in the presentation, the ingredients in T-Supply Max have been used safely for decades. However, it’s always best to check with your doctor to see if there may be any reason why you wouldn’t want to take T-Supply Max with the medications you’re currently taking.
  • A. As long as you’d like to keep enjoying lots of fun in the bedroom! Most guys tell me that since it’s safe, they see no reason to stop taking it. However, any time you should decide that keeping a reliable erection and enjoying a satisfying sex life is no longer important to you, simply stop taking the product and go back to how your sex life was before T-Supply Max.
  • A. Although that’s probably not likely, it could happen. That’s why you’re protected by our 100% money back “forever” guarantee!

    Bottom line:

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